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I'm no stranger to long-term food storage.  In fact, that's how I stumbled upon the THRIVE LIFE (it was Shelf Reliance at that time) website over five years ago.  I was in search of dehydrated potatoes that I had used up and couldn't find the original company I had placed the order with over a decade ago.

Well, I loved the website!  I loved all the positive comments about the food .  And I decided I had to check this out! Once I tried the food, I found out that all food storage is not created equal!  In fact, THRIVE is in a category all by itself.  Delicious, nutritiuous food that happens to have a really long shelf life.  Vine ripened, no GMO food that you can have access to in a snap--for those little emergencies that don't feel so little when you're in them--like no time to cook, sick kiddo's, unexpected company.


Thrive foods excel above their competitors for taste and shelf life. ALWAYS!  This is great tasting, nutrient dense food packaged in double lined cans designed to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. 25 year shelf life comes in handy too!
Please feel free to take advantage of the opportunity to get FREE products.  Ask me how!  There are more ways to save money, especially if you'll be placing a large order, so feel free to contact me.  I'm practically a walking coupon!

If I can ever be of assistance answering questions about products, helping you set up a THRIVE Q, (Our FREE, convenient monthly autoship program)helping you get even more discounts, whatever it is, please feel free to contact me.  I'm here to help! 

Being prepared for emergecies brings peace of mind.--whether they happen or even if they don't! So create your own home store and get yourself some peace of mind!

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you in your journey towards that peace of mind ...Peace of mind that comes with being self reliant!
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Holly M. Cooley
Independent Consultant with Shelf Reliance
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If you'd like to do what I do...earn money while helping others to become self reliant, contact me!
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